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João Moraes - President of Brazilian Soccer Training Center

João Moraes is a former professional soccer player, who is totally committed to the development of the sport. Mr. João Moraes (Betao) played center forward professionally for teams in Brazil and USA in the 1980s.  The teams he played for include: America MG, Cruzeiro MG, Uberlandia MG, Barretos SP, Amparo SP, Paranavai PR, Uniao Bandeirantes PR, Catuense BA, and Friburguense FR. Day.

João Moraes founded Brazilian Soccer Training Center in 1996. From the early start, João fully dedicated himself to club growth and bringing the most positive experience to the youth community. Many of the players he trained returned to BSTC to dedicate their time and are committed to helping João in his endeavors. After testing different locations, BSTC landed its current location at Highlands Oaks Park, just west of US-1 on Ives Dairy Road.

BSTC U6 Head Coach - Roberto Joseph
BSTC U9 Head Coach - Christina Clowdus-Hood
BSTC U10 Yellow Head Coach - Michael Guarin
BSTC U10 Blue Head Coach - Roberto Geffrard
BSTC U12 Head Coach - Claudia Garces
BSTC U14 Head Coach - Miguelangel Grande
BSTC Pink Panthers U12 - Carlos Patrizzi & Ana Patrizzi
BSTC Pink Panthers U14 -Carlos Patrizzi & Ana Patrizzi
Goalkeeper Coach - Javier Martinez