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Brazilian Soccer Training Center Miami


The company was founded in 1996 by former Brazilian professional player, João Moraes. From the early start, João fully dedicated himself to club growth and bringing the most positive experience to the youth community. Many of the players he trained returned to BSTC to dedicate their time and are committed to helping João in his endeavors. After testing different locations, BSTC landed its current location at Highlands Oaks Park in Aventura, Florida.



Brazilian Soccer Training Center is dedicated to developing, guide, and produce young players onto a path to ultimately become professionals of the game. We want each and every player to have technique, creativity, individuality, intelligence, and passion for the beautiful game. We are the only club in Miami that offers indoor and outdoor training.

Our club offers Competitive and Recreational programs for both boys and girls. Our programs range from U6 - U15. Our club is led by professional coaches with extensive training experience. Each session is catered to the needs of the teams to further their development on their journey to become great soccer players.

BSTC Soccer Miami

Joao Moraes

Founder & Co-owner

Girls Soccer League

BSTC Pink Panthers

Pink Panthers had its beginnings in the summer of 2011, under the name of Beach Soccer Academy. At that time, there were only a few players spread over several boys teams, some of them still playing in the program. But it is not until several years later that it began to take shape when those "pioneers" begin to formally compete in local tournaments and leagues, obtaining good results, even playing in many occasions against boys teams.

From then on, players of different ages were integrated, all of them, looking for a program that was dedicated to developing each player individually and collectively taking into account the physical, mental and emotional characteristics of the young girl's players.

Initially, "Pink Panthers" was a nickname that emerged after having chosen a pink uniform for girls teams, however, the name was established as our image and responds to the need to give personality to our players who are: intelligent, strong, fast and powerful ... like panthers.

Today, Pink Panthers represents the GIRLS DIVISION of BSTC and is recognized as one of the best girls soccer programs in the area focusing not only on physical training but also establishing an appropriate environment for the mental and social training of each player.

Whatever your goal, recreational or competitive, Pink Panthers is your best choice, our coaches are professionals with vast experience in the soccer environment but above all, they know how to use the teaching methodology most appropriate for each age and level.


Matthew De Moraes

Director of Operations & Coaching

Marina De Moraes

Communications/Marketing Manager

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